Protect your brain from stress

Duration: 2 to 4 hours


1) to understand the difference between good stress and ineffective stress;

2) recognize chronic stress to neutralize it;

3) become familiar with stress management method and

4) different ways to reduce stress in everyday life.

At the end of this workshop-conference, participants are expected to understand the different forms of stress, its effects on the body and work efficiency, and to be equipped to reduce the impact of stress in their lives.


The way employees experience stress can eventually affect performance and productivity at work. Chronic stress can have physiological and psychological consequences that directly affect the performance of your employees and therefore your organization. There is a substantial cost to absenteeism, to attentional mistakes and loss of efficiency secondary to chronic stress (Gintrac, 2011). Drs. Lamarre and Gagnon explain the mechanisms behind this, offer exercises and guide you to a path of reflection to begin a change today to help you stay on top.



  1. Good stress vs. bad stress?
  2. Impact of bad stress on your brain, body and work efficiency
  3. Recognize the state of stress
  4. Stress Management Strategies
  5. Problem solving
  6. Cognitive restructuring
  7. Other strategies
  8. Stress prevention


Price: $ 2500 – $4500